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Bacalar's Lagoon

This is a huge body of shallow water with soft and white sand. Because of the unique bacteria and the soil, it presents 7 different kinds of blue that creates a stunning view. With an approximate length of 55 km, this lagoon is the biggest in Mexico.

It is connected to Chetumal Bay by the Rio Hondo and the Estero del Chac. It is feed by four incredible sinkholes (Cenotes). One of them with a deepness of 90 meters. It has a unique ecosystem where you can find the biggest community of alive stromatolites in the world. This formations are the responsible of the oxygen in our atmosphere and have millions of years.

The town of Bacalar was founded in 435 a.c. as the Maya town of Sian Ka'an Bakhalal that means "where the sky is born". Throughout history it has been one of the main

commercial centres of Central America for the Mayas, Spanish conquerors and pirates.

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